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A hoarding is defined as a temporary boarded fence in a public place, usually erected around a building site. These are used to protect the public from site works whilst also being used to display advertisements. You can view real life example of Octink hoardings here.

Pole Kiowsk

Pole kiosks are an outdoor medium of advertisement that supports consecutive message display with affordability to reach to an on-the-road/street audience. ... Because these are very small in size (not more than 3-4 words per kiosk), unlike billboards, so the message has to be precise and legible to fast moving traffic.


Mobile Hoarding

Digital hoarding is excessive acquisition and reluctance to delete electronic material no ... the addition of extra digital storage to one's computer or mobile phone.

NEWS Paper

One of the primary functions of a newspaper is to inform its readership. This is usually in the form of the daily happenings from the local area, on a nationwide basis and internationally. A newspaper often employs journalists to gather information about events, or they pay other publications to print their stories.


Look Walkcr

Look Walker is a path-breaking, high impact and unique form of OOH Marketing. Unlike, other conventional open air marketing and advertising forms like hoardings, billboards, banners etc, look Walker directly communicates and talks with the crowd to grab their eye.

City Bus | Auto

The city bus operates within the city limits and is characterized by low maximum speed, low-ride platform, provision for standing and wheelchair passengers, two entrances on the curb side, low-back seats, and no luggage space.